Investment Approach

Which stages do you fund?

We invest in early-stage startups from pre-seed up to Series A.

What sectors do you fund?

We are generally sector-agnostic but most of our investments will be in software-based companies.

Do you invest globally?

At the moment, we only invest in startups based in the United States and Vietnam.

Why should I take your money?

We only invest in companies that we can add tremendous value to via our technology and engineering capabilities.


Develops platforms that enable businesses to leverage the promotional reach of tens of thousands of non-profit organizations to help promote their unique experiences.

Web-based commerce platform to convert online prospects into leads by delivering the immediate, highly personalized sales experiences.

Self-service custom reporting solutions built to seamlessly embed into software applications to deliver adhoc reports, dashboards and visualizations.

Open-source front-end testing framework built for anything that runs in a browser.

AI-assisted business card scanning and management app for Android and iOS.

Fully-integrated travel experience company providing amazing local adventures for travelers from all over the world.

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